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Jan. 1st, 2021 12:02 am
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Hi, you've reached Haunt!

AIM: HauntedReality
Plurk: [plurk.com profile] HauntedReality
E-mail: charmedreality@gmail.com
Discord: hauntedreality#1618

Or comment here or PM this journal!
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• Arrived in fleet: February 1, 2016
• Anniversary of first kiss with Winn: April 1, 2016
• Anniversary of the masquerade with Winn: April 22, 2016
• Kitty's Birthday: August 15
• Day Kitty changes age: January 10
• Winn's Birthday: January 1

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Did you wonder what would have happened if a thread had gone a different way? If she hadn't ended up dating Winn or if your character hadn't dropped the game or if you'd apped someone else? Well, now's your chance to find out!

Feel free to tag in with a scenario or contact me and well discuss something!

NSFW welcome!
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[There's a folder of miscellaneous images from various events and moments, mostly gathered from others since she doesn't think to take them herself. Some of them are shots of Winn with friends of his. Sometimes it's just a general snapshot of nothing important, but it was taken at a place she thinks he might want to remember. They are all labeled as best as she can.

They include the dance on the poison moon, the hand-holding planet, pizza party, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Winn's new year's eve birthday party. She has pictures of both their rooms, including hers on the Windrose and now the Twin Roses as well as other shots of the ships, especially the Tourist and some on the Iskaulit of his lecture hall.

There are several with Pinkie Pie and many clearly taken by her. She started this project awhile ago. There's also an illustration of Kitty and Winn dancing together that Steve composed for them since she couldn't find any photos anyone had taken of them specifically dancing that night.

Kitty also has a series of selfies she took of herself for him doing various silly or cute things. There's also a folder of photos where she's wearing the skimpy superhero outfit she wore for him for Valentine's Day. They get sexy. Keep this folder to yourself!]


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